The wise giraffe with a knack for numbers.  
  Let Zarafu introduce you to early math skills. Stack his rings for a simple count. Then add and subtract for more advanced play..  
  The thoughtful tiger with a love of letters.  
  Spin Alfinx's stripes to spell the names of some of his animal friends and keep rotating the rings to see how many words you can make..  
  The artistic zebra with a hidden secret.  
  Remove his rings to discover his secret while learning both the colors of nature and matching skills..  
  The windmill that fuels the imagination.  
  Catch a gentle breeze by stacking the rings and attaching the fan. Rotate the fan to power up your imagination..  
  The little family forest with a big responsibility.  
  Grow your own forest of tall trees or short shrubs for your favorite animal friend to live by mixing, matching and stacking the different pieces..  
About Gween
At Gween Toys, we create innovative toys that inspire children to have fun while learning. Each of our toys is created with three key components in mind: education, entertainment and eco-friendliness.  Read more.
  Learning with Gween
It can be magical to see a child take a simple toy and use their imagination to play in a manner that an adult could not have predicted. At Gween, we've carefully crafted our toys with the developmental milestones in mind to maximize a child's learning potential.  Read more.
  Gween gives back
At Gween Toys, we are committed to not only developing innovative, educational toys but to helping provide educational opportunities to the families of our toymakers.  Read more.
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